My One, True Love Doesn’t Have Facebook

I want to be loved; but that’s not all. I want the whole world to know that I am loved. I want Facebook statuses dedicated to me. I want Instagram posts of cute pictures of me with captions declaring undying love. I also want tweets, lots of them, with my Twitter handle and the word ‘love’ combined in the most succinct, poetic ways. I deserve all that and more. Am I alone, or you can identify? Can you feel the big ‘but’ coming? Yes? Here it is:

But, the best of men is still a man, and man will mess up, man will fail. It is the rule of the game. You mess up, I mess up. I know it, you know it.

Wonderfully, there is a silver lining on that unfortunate cloud. I have a true love. He will never fail, never mess up, never leave me, He will always be. But there’s one catch. He doesn’t have a Facebook account, or a Twitter one, or an Instagram one. So although He declares His love for me in a million ways every day (most of which I am ignorant of and blind to), I can’t take screen shots of them and put them up on my wall.

Now, this is the test: am I going to be content in His love? Will I be satisfied that although I can’t “see” or “touch” Him, He’s always with me, loving me, teaching me? Or will I spend my life looking for someone who will “complete” me? Am I going to waste my imagination and my valuable brain cells on picturing this person, creating scenes of what we’ll do together and how we will share our beauty with the world? Will I invest all my time and effort on something not eternal?

I will revel in my ‘unseen’ love, and share that with the rest of humanity.

“… I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Joshua 1:5

“… Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” – Matthew 22:37

Note: Not to say you shouldn’t show off share your love online. Love does, after all, brighten things up. 😉


The Punk ‘Fro

Collage 2014-01-15 00_20_20

Here’s what I think is a very interesting look for your ‘nappy’ hair. I had fun with it. I was inspired by the mo-hawk (aka ‘fro-hawk), and the male punk cut.

Easy peasy! Have fun with it!

Collage 2014-01-15 00_22_43 Collage 2014-01-15 00_25_33


Music “Haul”!!!

I’m using a popular blogger term for one of my biggest discoveries this year (I know the year is early yet; and if you already know him l know I’m a bit stale):


It’s a haul because after I stumbled upon two of his videos on YouTube, you can believe I went on my phone and bought (in case you missed the bold font, note: I say bought not downloaded) his album. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought music online, I actually don’t download music either (I just sort of get off friends or some way).

Anyway, there are too many things I can say about the beauty that this young man is creating. Lemme just say a few:

1: At a time when I’m really getting bored with Christian artists recycling the same lines over and over again (eg: God, You are good, You are great, I worship You), Mr McReynolds comes and re-inspires me with fresh, original lyrics (check it out for yourself (YouTube, my dears). Better still, buy the album. 😉 Now, this is not to say that there should be a limit to how much the church proclaims God’s greatness and goodness. No. One billion songs cannot do GOD justice. The only way I can explain what I mean is that Mr McReynolds goes beyond the ‘theory’ of Christianity and addresses real, practical struggles (with a great voice and some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a while).

2. I have just listened to two of his songs (I was so excited I decided to post before I listened to the rest of the album), but he’s just singing my heart in those two songs. I mean, if I recorded an album right now, I don’t think I would sing/word it better.

3. It’s brilliant.

Hope you check it out and enjoy!

Listening to the rest of the album. Honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve been this excited about music. Funny enough, his vocals aren’t something I’d usually jump on– but it’s… so beautiful

I’m almost jumping out of my bed here, goosebumps. No Grey (No Gray- US spelling) may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. The message is clear. I hear you Mr McReynolds.

Are we going to sit by and watch?

I have just randomly come across this article by a professor in my school. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this relatively young white man had recently written about Boko Haram. Of course, I lapped up every single word of the article. And afterward? My heart bled. Here it is:

My heart wept for the thousands of lives lost, stories that were not even told. My heart wept that I was ignorant of most of these atrocities done in my own country, for the shame of doing/saying nothing about those I knew about. My heart wept for our indifference, for our lack of trying. My heart wept that our ‘leaders’ are busy forming new and old PDP’s instead of protecting the lives they are responsible for. My heart wept for how far we have fallen, for how hopeless the climb back up seems. Will we wait until our mothers, or brothers, or nieces are one of those mercilessly forced out of this world? Will we wait until it all comes crashing down on us?

If my bleeding heart/sob story/emotional appeal doesn’t work. Maybe this will shake you up:

I initially did not get it, and was instantly fired up (and even sent in a comment), marvelling at the incredulity of the piece, and questioning the possibility that anyone could be taking that point of view. After calming down, and reading several comments, I understood it was supposed to be ironical. I fear it may not really across to people.

Nigerians, we need to wake up.

First Foray

So, my music love well-established, I’ve decided to do something to create some. This song started playing in head- Jesus I love You (I think most Nigerians should know it, it’s very catchy anyway). And along with its constant repeat in my brain, some interesting harmonies came. I put them together, and this is my first foray (well, not first first, just the first I could put out in public 😀 )



Bantu Knots Not! (featuring Mama)

All Bantu-ed up!

All Bantu-ed up!

After a couple of months with kinky twists on, I was dreaming about taking them out and trying a new style. The style? Bantu Knots. I had seen all sorts of magnificent pictures online; and could just imagine how glorious the curls would look on me. All the while ignoring that majority of people I had seen do it had temporarily straightened or stretched out their hair (although there are many who do it on unheated natural hair- google it and see! I don’t know how!) or completely different hair textures. Here’s a quick Bantu Knot how-to with my darling Mama:

So, with glee, and nothing short of anticipation. I finally took out the twists and did it. Sadly the day I did it, I was running late for a meeting, and didn’t have time to unravel the knots. Looking in the mirror, it sort of looked like a planned style, so I decided to head out like that. Here are pictures:

Collage 2014-01-15 00_14_17

One or two, came undone in the process, and I wasn’t impressed. At all. One particular segment, didn’t even make the slightest curl. So, I waited patiently, hoping the longer I left it knotted, the better it would turn out. So, I took the bantu knots out still knotted for about three days. By the third day, it was getting rough, and it was time anyway. I took the knots out, still holding onto hope that my glorious curls would appear. No such luck, my dears. See for yourself:



What’s a girl gonna do? Make the best of things is what! So, I stuck it out for a couple of days. But after that I succumbed to the verified appeal of a dry twist out.

Rocking it with an ankara head wrap!

Rocking it with an ankara head wrap!

... Then with a hand band and a couple of bobby pins

… Then with a hand band a and couple of bobby pins

... The ensuing dry twist. I should do a separate post on this ;-)

… The ensuing dry twist. I should do a separate post on this 😉

Conclusion: From my experience, Bantu Knots are best done on straightened or blown out hair; or with hair less kinky/coil-y than mine (which I believe is a 4B/C). Maybe I did something wrong. Please inform me if you know better!