Make Lemonade!

“You can be bitter, or you can better.”

The first time I came across Alex Boye’s (Boh-yay) work was when I watched his cover of the popular song from Frozen – Let It Go (watch here). It was pretty captivating, but I didn’t really notice him, I was mostly taken by the young female lead, and I forgot about him. That was until I came across The Piano Guys cover of Coldplay’s Paradise (watch Peponi) – which I absolutely love. Now, The Piano Guys… That’s a story for another day (just know I think they’re great!).

Anyway, back to Mr Boye. Continue reading “Make Lemonade!”


I am a Passionate Woman

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Nope, this is not a self-affirmation post. Please bear with the title. 😀

Nobody told me life would be like this.” That’s something I’ve heard my father say a number of times, and I don’t think statements get truer than that.

Recently, I was trying to imagine what a friend of mine thinks of me (Don’t judge me, I tend to over-think things. I could just have asked, and saved the mental exertion for other things, right?). It was during this intellectual sojourn that I thought, “I wonder if he thinks I’m a passionate woman.”  Continue reading “I am a Passionate Woman”

Bridge to Haven (Francine Rivers) Review

*** This post has some content unsuitable for younger readers (I’d say younger than 16)***

The cover page of the book on my Kindle app
The cover page of the book on my Kindle app

Francine Rivers writes a book, I buy it. That’s the way it goes. No questions asked, no thinking twice, I barely glance at the synopsis, I just buy it. I believe she’s one of the greatest authors to have lived on this planet (If you’ve come across my review of A Voice in the Wind you probably already know how much I love the woman). So, you can be sure soon after I heard about her latest book –  Bridge to Haven – I was clicking ‘buy now’ on the Kindle Store. Read my review