This blog has evolved in my mind into many different things. Initially I was a bit confused at the different directions I wanted to take it to. Most blog how-to’s advise that you pick one subject and stick to that. According to the ones I read, that was the sure way to  be consistent, build followership, and bla bla. Luckily for me, my mile-a-minute mind would not let me rest on just on thing, and followership wasn’t my main aim. So, I decided to put all my ideas and interests into this one portal. As it turns out, it all comes together in a beautiful tapestry where the three pillars of my identity shine through – Christian, female, and Nigerian.

The title and theme of this blog is gotten from the book of Matthew, in the fifth chapter and thirty-eighth verse where Jesus, the Christ commands us to be perfect, as God is (note: not as perfect as God is) as a sort of summary to all He had been saying. And it has pretty much been my drive for a long time. But lately, I have begun to understand perfection in a different sense; and so that I do not sermonise, I will just say this is an exploration of that.

This blog is a potpourri of subjects, sharing: my Christian faith and walk with God, details of my natural hair experience, ranting about my opinion of the world, Nigerian politics and society in general, things I think people should read, watch, or listen too, healthy eating and body care… Possibly more (as the Spirit leads) ;).

I hope I get to encourage, and/or enlighten, and/or excite someone!


P.S: You can start with some of my favourite posts: Get to know me better, or read what I think about a responsibility that Christians sometimes forget. Watch my critique of Nigerian politics, or learn how to make DIY Facial Toner. Listen to my favourite album of all time, or watch me at my creative. Find out about a book that changed my thinking, or read about my adventures in Paris!

Oh! And you can check out my music and urbanism blogs here and here. It turn out that some of those interests in paragraph 1 needed their own space 😀 😉

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the kind words about Trinity! I’m glad to hear that you had a great time last year when you stopped by Paris and was able to worship freely.


  2. I absolutely love your blog. Reading your posts make me happy and I have definitely learnt a lot from you. Keep the posts coming girl!!

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  3. Stumbled upon your blog looking to see what types of non denomination churches are in Paris. Very interesting take on the crawl. We’ll be there in June, 2017, but only for 2 1/2 days, would like to meet the “locals”, church might be a good place. Have attended non denominational church in New Orleans,(USA) over 30 years. Your English is very good. Keep blogging,
    In Christ, ps, have you been to U.S. ? Lisa


    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! I apologise it’s taken me this long to get to responding. I’m no longer in Paris! *sob *sob. I’m back to my beautiful home city of Lagos (Nigeria). I still consider Paris a second home of sorts. All my memories of my time there have gilded edges.:-D

      Church is a great place to start and ‘meet the locals’. Plus, you’re going in June ,so the weather should be great. 2 1/2 days? Too much too see and do. I’d suggest making it longer if you can.

      A lot of us Nigerians speak pretty good English. It’s our official language. 😀

      I came to the US for the 1st time in 2015, and I’ve been twice now. NY, DC. Very, very interesting places. I haven’t blogged about them yet though. I hear New Orleans is lovely!

      Thanks again. Xoxo


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