A Croque Monsieur et Moi

Croque Monsieur et Grand Chcocolat
Croque Monsieur et Grand Chcocolat

On my first day in Le Paris… I decide to eat. I pop into this cute corner café. It had both French and English written on its menu; so, I thought, “It’s all good.” Beckoned the waiter after I had decided. Of course! He speaks only French! I don’t even try out my meagre French vocab. I just humbly point at croque monsieur on the menu, and call out grand chocolat in my best French accent (hoping that means a big cup of hot chocolate). A few minutes later, he brings my order; and it is a big cup of hot chocolate! Yay me! The croque monsieur was good as well; my first time having it. It’s basically, white toast with cheese and ham. There’s a croque madame as well, I think that one just has egg as an extra.

20140114_160919 20140114_160931

So, I’m feeling pretty good. So far it’s been going well. I feel like a dessert. I decide I’m going to order me one. On their menu they’ve got patisserie (pastry); but it doesn’t specify what kind. I beckon the waiter again. I point at and, feeling confident, call out patisserie. Now, the game really begins. He proceeds to rattle off a long string of unrecognisable French words at a speed that would put Twista to shame (considering Twista once held the Guinness World Records title of fastest rapper, you should get what I mean). The only words I pick out are pomme = apple and gateau = cake. I stare at him for a couple of seconds after he’s stopped, then I say “Repeter, s’il vous plait“. And I didn’t just make that up, that’s what my French teacher used to say when he wanted us to repeat something (at least, to the best of my memory). He just stares at me blankly. So, my brain goes into overdrive. I didn’t really feel like having an apple pie, if that’s what he meant. A cake sounds good, but what kind did he mean? That all happened in like 2 seconds in my mind. I blurt out, “gateau“. He nods and goes away. I hope for the best. The cake wasn’t too bad. But my bubble had burst. I really need to work on my French…

View from the Cafe
View from the Cafe

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