How to Write Great Applications: Top 3 Dos & Don’ts

This time last year, I went on an application-writing spree. I had just left my job and was eager (bordering on desperate) for a new gig. I have always been pretty selective when sending out applications because one of my worst nightmares is getting caught in a job I disliked and/or was just doing for the money. This time was no different. While I was … Continue reading How to Write Great Applications: Top 3 Dos & Don’ts

Very Stale Music Haul: Make Room (Jonathan McReynolds)

Alriiiiight! So, I’m here more than a year after the release of this phenomenal album to share my review. However, to be fair, I had posted a video review on YouTube aeons ago. I’m just now trying to sync/update my blog with my YouTube channel. Sigh. I have a ways to go to get all me ‘media outlets’ in order, but I’ll get there. So, … Continue reading Very Stale Music Haul: Make Room (Jonathan McReynolds)

Books and How to Get More of Them

For many years now, I’ve been trying hoping to put together a comprehensive record of my expenditure. I have a thing for data and ExceI and really would like to have an annual pie chart showing how I’ve spent my money. However, it’s sad to say this dream has never quite materialised because it’s generally been a battle for me to keep a money journal. … Continue reading Books and How to Get More of Them

Me Before You: Movie Review (Response)

So I was going through a daily Guardian news update and this article caught my eye. Why? I saw these three words: me, before, and you.Nothing incredible about them, right? But in that order, they form the title of a book that touched my heart.  I read Me Before You almost two years ago, and it touched me so deeply I blogged about it here. So, of course I clicked on the link thinking, ‘What are they saying about the book now?Continue reading “Me Before You: Movie Review (Response)”

Spotlight: Afro-Tech Girls

Welcome to thSpotlight series which will be featured on this blog and its corresponding YouTube channel! The series will feature people and/or organisations that are doing their bit (no matter how big or small) to give back in some form or the other to society – people and the environment. Read more and watch the video

Music Haul!

I subscribe to a newsletter from New Release Tuesday (a wonderful Christian resource website). It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with Christian music. They also give free weekly downloads. Which is how I came across J Han – a very interesting rapper. Who led me to AMP Movement – a Christian music collective, Which, in turn, led me to the topic of today – Sam Ock. Listen to some awesome music

Easy-Peasy DIY Facial Toner


I absolutely adore Lush cosmetics! My goodness, I could spend hours and oodles of cash in one of their shops. Their products have the best scents, and results ever. Every time I go in to get something specific, I leave the shop with at least one more product – no matter how much I try to resist! The only drawback is the steep prices 😦 (especially on a student budget which I was on at the time 😀 ). Oh and they have fabulous customer service! Someone is always there to answer your questions, and make suggestions. This is beginning to sound like a Lush ad… 😀 But I love, love, love it!

One day, I went in for hair moisturiser (they have this absolutely gorgeous one called R&B- it’s the best thing ever I tell you), but I stumbled on a tea tree facial toner that I knew I had to try. It was one of the cheapest things in the store, and I  was like, “Yup, I’m definitely taking this home.” It worked beautifully! But one of my friends (an amazing lady called Livvy who makes a large number of her cosmetics herself) recommended I make mine. See how to make yours

Who Are You?


To stop my brain from degenerating and possibly exploding during a 13-hour layover, I march to the airport bookstore and spend the next half-hour searching for the perfect book. When I read the synopsis of Me Before You by someone named Jojo Moyes, I know I have exactly what I need. Continue reading “Who Are You?”