My Very 1st Blow-Out

blow  out

Every kinky-haired sister out there knows that shrinkage is real! Too real! And a lot of us turn to blow-drying to give us some respite from that particular issue. It took me a while to finally get round to blow-drying my hair, and I saved it for a special occasion. It was my graduation! Whoopeedoo! It was sometime around my 2nd-year post-relaxer anniversary. I had decided to do a flat twist-out style I had seen on YouTube (I can’t find the specific video I watched, but there a ton of tutorials out there; just Google). And I thought to blow-dry my hair to get added length. So, I went for it. Continue reading


Natural HairStyle: Kíkó


Threading was my least favourite hairstyle while I grew my hair as a 9/10-year old. I just disliked it. Maybe it was the shininess of the thread, or the way it made my hair look sparse (sadly no pictorial evidence but I was growing my hair from scratch then); but for whatever reason, I associated the style with tackiness (beats me now).

Now, I had heard, read blog posts, and watched YouTube videos of kinky-haired ladies using the threading method (what Yorubas call Kíkó) to stretch coily/curly locks without heat. but I was never inspired to do so. But when my hairstylist came to braid my hair over the Christmas holidays last year, she came with the most adorable kíkó style. I fell in love and decided then and there to try it out someday. That day finally came! Continue reading

Easy-Peasy Detangling for Natural Hair

2014-10-13 16.26.19

Hallo people!

If we’re classifying, I’m what would be labelled a low-maintenance natural. I mean looowwww-maintenence. I try to stress out as little as possible on my hair. Hence, my absolute dread of wash days. I mean abbssolllutee dread. 😀 As my hair has grown longer, the maintenance, and styling time seem to have grown exponentially 😦 Washing and detangling now stretch into houurrsss. But I have happened upon a game-changer. Find out what it is

The Punk ‘Fro

Collage 2014-01-15 00_20_20

Here’s what I think is a very interesting look for your ‘nappy’ hair. I had fun with it. I was inspired by the mo-hawk (aka ‘fro-hawk), and the male punk cut.

Easy peasy! Have fun with it!

Collage 2014-01-15 00_22_43 Collage 2014-01-15 00_25_33


Bantu Knots Not! (featuring Mama)

All Bantu-ed up!

All Bantu-ed up!

After a couple of months with kinky twists on, I was dreaming about taking them out and trying a new style. The style? Bantu Knots. I had seen all sorts of magnificent pictures online; and could just imagine how glorious the curls would look on me. All the while ignoring that majority of people I had seen do it had temporarily straightened or stretched out their hair (although there are many who do it on unheated natural hair- google it and see! I don’t know how!) or completely different hair textures. Here’s a quick Bantu Knot how-to with my darling Mama:

So, with glee, and nothing short of anticipation. I finally took out the twists and did it. Sadly the day I did it, I was running late for a meeting, and didn’t have time to unravel the knots. Looking in the mirror, it sort of looked like a planned style, so I decided to head out like that. Here are pictures:

Collage 2014-01-15 00_14_17

One or two, came undone in the process, and I wasn’t impressed. At all. One particular segment, didn’t even make the slightest curl. So, I waited patiently, hoping the longer I left it knotted, the better it would turn out. So, I took the bantu knots out still knotted for about three days. By the third day, it was getting rough, and it was time anyway. I took the knots out, still holding onto hope that my glorious curls would appear. No such luck, my dears. See for yourself:



What’s a girl gonna do? Make the best of things is what! So, I stuck it out for a couple of days. But after that I succumbed to the verified appeal of a dry twist out.

Rocking it with an ankara head wrap!

Rocking it with an ankara head wrap!

... Then with a hand band and a couple of bobby pins

… Then with a hand band a and couple of bobby pins

... The ensuing dry twist. I should do a separate post on this ;-)

… The ensuing dry twist. I should do a separate post on this 😉

Conclusion: From my experience, Bantu Knots are best done on straightened or blown out hair; or with hair less kinky/coil-y than mine (which I believe is a 4B/C). Maybe I did something wrong. Please inform me if you know better!

Before You Go Natural 3

The final part in the series!


Helpful links:

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Before You Go Natural 2

This is the second in the ‘Before You Go Natural’ series – questions you may want to consider pre- cutting off you hair.



Before You Go Natural 1

Before I cut my hair

Before I cut my hair

Going natural, in my experience, is great! The thing is, everybody experiences and approaches it in different ways. This is the first part of a series addressing questions that I think you should answer before going natural(before would be best, but you can ask yourself during/after as well, as a sort of evaluation/if you’ve already cut it). The first question is… watch the video 😉

Natural me!

Natural me!

By the way, it hasn’t been scientifically proven that cutting your hair makes it grow. So, you may want to reconsider cutting your hair if that’s your reason. 😉

I hope this is helpful.