What Do I see? The Eiffel Tower?

A glimpse. What else could it be?
A glimpse. What else could it be?

So, I’m walking down the road. I’m on my way to a library where I’m supposed to get registered. As I come up to a junction, I look to my left and… Is that the Eiffel tower? Did I just randomly stumble unto one of the most visited sites on the planet? Oh my goodness, is that the Eiffel Tower? But what else could a tall metal structure shaped like the Eiffel Tower in the middle of Paris be?

Yes, it does seem like I ran into the Eiffel Tower on the way to the American University Library. And yes, I know the number of times I have mentioned Eiffel Tower in the post is enough to make you believe you saw it too. 😉

I am yet to consult a map to check if it really was. Because it does seem a bit surreal. It seemed smaller than I would have expected, and it was just there. Is that how someone just sees (yes I will say it again) the Eiffel Tower? Hian! It was great sha…


Enjoy this great cover of Happy (Pharrell):


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