Easy-Peasy Detangling for Natural Hair

2014-10-13 16.26.19

Hallo people!

If we’re classifying, I’m what would be labelled a low-maintenance natural. I mean looowwww-maintenence. I try to stress out as little as possible on my hair. Hence, my absolute dread of wash days. I mean abbssolllutee dread. 😀 As my hair has grown longer, the maintenance, and styling time seem to have grown exponentially 😦 Washing and detangling now stretch into houurrsss. But I have happened upon a game-changer.

A friend of mine liked a video on Google Plus. In the video, Naptural85 (the YouTuber’s handle) claimed she could detangle her hair in 25 minutes (and her hair is like three times the length of mine, and has a different texture). So, I thought I would check it out. And Boom! She made it look sooo easy. There was no way I wasn’t trying her technique (Thank you Lola King 😀 ). Here it is:

And my, my, my! The results were… Let’s just say, I am no longer under the bondage of detangling! *victory dance* If you’ve watched the video, you’ll see the two main products are coconut oil and conditioner. I really don’t know if any other oil will work; and that s a valid experiment (which I don’t think I’ll be doing; like I said, looowwwww maintenance). This has worked beautifully for me, so I am parking my car here.

Thankfully, I had some coconut oil lying around. I’m actually not a big fan of oils and I hadn’t been using it much, so I thought, ‘Perfect!’ I did not follow all her steps. For instance, I used smaller sections, and possibly less oil, I had no aloe vera juice and so skipped that entirely. Oh, and I didn’t co-wash, I just washed. Here’s what I did:

  1. Sectioned and applied coconut oil liberally (not so liberal because I didn’t want to finish it too fast)
  2. Followed with a liberal application of conditioner
  3. Finger detangled (didn’t spend too long on this due to my low-maintenance-ness)
  4. Detangled with a wide-toothed comb
  5. Shampooed in sections (just once, I didn’t wanna dry it out – as I used a clarifying, not moisturising, shampoo)
  6. Deep conditioned with avocado and banana
  7. Rinse, air dry, moisturise, seal, style
  8. Moved on with my life 😀

I didn’t time myself, but I know that this happened in a fraction of the time it usually would. I mean a frraccttiioonn. I’ve done it twice. Maybe I will time myself the next time. The results are truly insane. I guess the  basic idea is ‘pre-pooing’ – which I never thought I would do (I dismissed the idea the first day I ever heard of it). Silly me.

I have complete faith that this will work for all my natural sisters. I know, I know, everybody’s hair texture is different and reacts differently. But I think this is it, this is the ultimate hack.

I’d love to hear your feedback if you try it (actually I should say ‘when you try it’ because you totally should 😉 ). And if you also try another oil (hint 😉 ), please let me know the results.

Till next time…


PS: Turns out another YouTuber has done this as well, and it worked:


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