Natural HairStyle: Kíkó


Threading was my least favourite hairstyle while I grew my hair as a 9/10-year old. I just disliked it. Maybe it was the shininess of the thread, or the way it made my hair look sparse (sadly no pictorial evidence but I was growing my hair from scratch then); but for whatever reason, I associated the style with tackiness (beats me now).

Now, I had heard, read blog posts, and watched YouTube videos of kinky-haired ladies using the threading method (what Yorubas call Kíkó) to stretch coily/curly locks without heat. but I was never inspired to do so. But when my hairstylist came to braid my hair over the Christmas holidays last year, she came with the most adorable kíkó style. I fell in love and decided then and there to try it out someday. That day finally came!

So, after “rocking” my hair in various styles over 6 weeks, I decided it was time to lay off the manipulation and call on my darling stylist.

Pre Kiko styles (clockwise from top left): the chunky 'fro, the Cascading UpDo, the Flat Twist-Out, and the Classy Bun
Pre Kiko styles (clockwise from top left): the Chunky ‘Fro, the Cascading UpDo, the Flat Twist-Out, and the Classy Bun

And here’s how it went (of course, I had washed, detangled, moisturised and sealed before the stylist arrived. I have discovered it works out best for me that way) :

1. My hair is sectioned into medium-large segments and a front portion is separated to form a bang of sorts (aka base).

2. Each section is carefully wrapped with the “thread” from roots to tip and secured (not sure how she finished off the ends to be honest). In this particular style, the thread was a simple black wool. No shine 😉 unlike the rubbery one of my childhood.


Phase 1& 2
Phase 1 & 2

3. Each wrapped/threaded section is twisted and curled and manipulated to get the curly look of the threaded strands.

Phase 3
Phase 3

4. I’m a happy customer!

My smile tells how pleased I am with the results
My smile tells how pleased I am with the results

I’m loving this style I tell you, and would definitely recommend it. It’s absolutely no maintenance! Although you have to keep your scalp moisturised and oiled. You don’t want no flaking! 😀

I’ve been told it looks great on me. But people keep on saying they don’t think they could do it. Some have said it takes courage (probably because it’s a style usually associated with little girls and old-fashioned ladies). All I know is I think it’s cute and I plan on doing it again. The only dilemma I have is whether to leave it for a while or take it out soon so that I can enjoy the stretched out effect before I need to wash.

What do you think? Would you try it?

Here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure:



Is it just me or this hair style channels serious ol’ skoo vibes? I think this could be a picture of my mum or grand-mum back in the day:

ol skoo




20 thoughts on “Natural HairStyle: Kíkó

  1. Hi Tamilore, I just wanted to say I’ve seen a few of your vlog’s and post’s over the past few months and I am really happy to see that you are doing so well. I am a big fan of your attitude towards life and I can see that God is guiding you, that gives me a great amount of joy. I hope your light continues to shine bright, and as I admire you, I hope more people will be admire you and your God led life.

    Btw, yes kiko does have an old school vibe. But the vibes suit you.

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    1. Bisola thanks so much. You’re a darling. I really appreciate your feedback, it’s so encouraging. I’m sure you’re doing great, and your light is shining bright wherever you are as well. It’d be great to meet up someday. Thanks again. Xoxo 😃 😀


  2. The style suits you,I am also on natural but still quite short because my transition took place just last year,and I think you could help me with few things,first,I was using Nature gentle touch products but not really loving the result,especially for the dandruff I was trying to get rid off so I plan on changing products since it is even expensive,so I would prefer something a little bit less in price,might not be something specifically for dandruff but at least product good for natural hair,then if you know any dandruff remedy, pls do help with that too,and finally I am planning to do this kiko on friday before I remembered that my hair is not too long meaning I wont be able to get that twisting around they did with your own and did it damage your edges or your hair was perfectly intact after the loosing.Great work by the way. Pls do reply soon.


    1. Hi Adesuwa! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to hear you found the post helpful. I’m here for you – some more hair posts coming up 😉

      Anyway, to answer your questions, I’d recommend Shea Moisture products Personally, they work for me. I’d say start off with the coconut-hibiscus hair smoothie (one of my fav hair products, although I don’t currently use it anymore). Also try shea butter for oiling, or maybe castor oil. You can mix in some peppermint oil for the dandruff. Try raw mashed avocado for a moisturiser as well (should put up a post soon :-D).

      Think I’ve covered all… Oh, the edges! I didn’t experience any excessive edge damage/loss with the kiko. I’m very particular about such things. I complain, or tell the stylist to stop, or just loosen the hair if it gives me problems. No time for hair trouble. 😀

      Let me know if you have any more questions, girl! x


  3. Hi…littlmsperfect… I started my hair last year July…but I wanted it to look curly and all…unknowingly to me that only natural hair makes the best curls… So “Botanical no lye” was recommended for me..To make my hair curly… I used it and it worked… I rocked it for a while…so I decided to stop the curly curly thing..I stopped using the activator gel….

    so sorry for the long story….
    my question is……..Can my hair still be classified as natural?? because I just don’t understand it anymore… though it still looks hard, puffy and all…

    I’m beginning to love this natural trend…..
    help a sister abegii..

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    1. Hallo Oreoluwa lovely! Thanks for stopping by. Great question. I’ve heard it a few times. Wellllll… It can still be classified as ‘natural’ in that it is growing out of your head (not a weave, wig, or extension). However, in the ‘classical’ sense, natural hair (aka virgin hair) is hair that is untouched by any straightening chemical whatsoever – texturisers, relaxers and so on. So while a texturiser might not be as harsh as relaxer, and give looser curls than your hair in its virgin state (but leaves more curls than the bone-straight locks of a relaxer), the hair to which it is applied is not considered strictly ‘natural’ (virgin) anymore. To be honest, there is always a debate about the strict definitions. I have friends who texturise but still call their hair ‘natural’. There’s also a process called ‘tex-laing’ (another long topic but you can check it out on Google). I’d just say rock what works for you, and labels always change anyway (so you can get away with calling it what you want). So, enjoy! Do let me know if you have any more questions. Xoxo

      Ps: I’m assuming that ‘Botanical no-lye’ is a textursiser of some sort. Another great thing is to do as much research as you can n what you want to achieve before gong to the stylist. This way, you don’t feel pressurised to do what the stylist suggests. I’ve fallen into this trap many, many times. 😀


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