You Better Start Planning Your Wedding…

…If you know what’s good for you.

Life is another entire, separate cup of tea that I didn’t bargain for. They did not tell us it was gonna be like this o. I just had a look at my post feed, and it turns it’s been a year since my last post and two years in between that one and the one before it. In the three years that have passed since I gave up the fight with laziness and procrastination and general un-bothered-ness (at least with regard to this blog), a lot has changed. A. Lot. And his wife and two daughters sef (if you didn’t get that, check out Genesis 19).

One main thing that has changed and the reason for this post is that two of my dearest friends have gotten married. Well, to be honest, only one has. The second, I just already count as married – the official nuptials is in two months. This is huge. I tend to take things to extra depths just because, so you can imagine the depth-titude I’ve gone with this. It feels like Everything is changing. It’s especially flooring for me because this is the first crop of my friends friends to get married. Like my people people. My padi padis. I’ve put together a lovely album you can view here for a peek into the 3-day festival of love or just view the collages below.

Sigh. I can go on guys. So, let me just say one thing I’ve learnt is: START PLANNING YOUR WEDDING NOW. It is crazy out here in the wedding world. Cray cray. I never experred it I tell you. Because this my first set of people people getting married, this is my first time really being hands-on in the process. And I repeat my advice to you: START PLANNING YOUR WEDDING NOW SO THAT YOU WILL NOT STRESS YOUR DESTINY OUT LATER.

How did I come to this conclusion? After spending a few weeks trying to select bridesmaids styles, figure out aso ebi, and plan bridal shower, I started dreaming about these things (for real, for real). So, I found myself up awake at 5 am one morning consumed with the need to find out what the colour mauve looks like. And from there, down the rabbit hole, I went. I spent the next three hours (no jokes) selecting complementary colours and putting together a wedding palette for myself. Myself o – me with no ring or anything close to that. But guess what? Now, I’m all sorted for my big day if/when it comes! I present to you the mauve-livid(greyish-blue)-rose gold-mustard yellow-blush-copper weeding palette.

Yes, yes, I can hear your nay-sayers at the back. One of my friends (just like the aforementioned naysayers are probably naysaying) said: ‘By that time, you might’ve even changed your mind/likes.‘ But I’ll give you another guess. N TO THE O MAKES NO, my three hours of Google surfing, screenshotting and collaging cannot waste. I must even use this colour scheme. So, as far as I’m concerned, I’m all set to meet with vendors any day now. To be honest, I’ve also had a rethink about the whole wedding concept (more on this later) and have definitely reset my expectations big time. It’s always great to learn from those ahead of you. 😀

So, here I am giving you advice and sharing my great colour scheme for free. Just make sure you send me an invite to your wedding if you use my colours. 😀

In the next episode of Life is Changing, expect some tears and blubbering about how all my friends are relocating to pretty much everywhere outside Nigeria.

5 thoughts on “You Better Start Planning Your Wedding…

  1. Awwww! You posted
    Welcome back!
    Two things I’m sure of if it happens is that there’s a large Cathedral setting and definitely no mood lights (pink/bluish/purple type lights), King Sunny Ade and if I haven’t worn Komole before then, surely Komole!

    Every other thing I have no idea and can’t be botheredddd


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