Me Before You: Movie Review (Response)

So I was going through a daily Guardian news update and this article caught my eye. Why? I saw these three words: me, before, and you.Nothing incredible about them, right? But in that order, they form the title of a book that touched my heart.  I read Me Before You almost two years ago, and it touched me so deeply I blogged about it here. So, of course I clicked on the link thinking, ‘What are they saying about the book now?Continue reading “Me Before You: Movie Review (Response)”

Who Are You?


To stop my brain from degenerating and possibly exploding during a 13-hour layover, I march to the airport bookstore and spend the next half-hour searching for the perfect book. When I read the synopsis of Me Before You by someone named Jojo Moyes, I know I have exactly what I need. Continue reading “Who Are You?”

Bridge to Haven (Francine Rivers) Review

*** This post has some content unsuitable for younger readers (I’d say younger than 16)***

The cover page of the book on my Kindle app
The cover page of the book on my Kindle app

Francine Rivers writes a book, I buy it. That’s the way it goes. No questions asked, no thinking twice, I barely glance at the synopsis, I just buy it. I believe she’s one of the greatest authors to have lived on this planet (If you’ve come across my review of A Voice in the Wind you probably already know how much I love the woman). So, you can be sure soon after I heard about her latest book –  Bridge to Haven – I was clicking ‘buy now’ on the Kindle Store. Read my review