Bantu Knots Not! (featuring Mama)

All Bantu-ed up!
All Bantu-ed up!

After a couple of months with kinky twists on, I was dreaming about taking them out and trying a new style. The style? Bantu Knots. I had seen all sorts of magnificent pictures online; and could just imagine how glorious the curls would look on me. All the while ignoring that majority of people I had seen do it had temporarily straightened or stretched out their hair (although there are many who do it on unheated natural hair- google it and see! I don’t know how!) or completely different hair textures. Here’s a quick Bantu Knot how-to with my darling Mama:

So, with glee, and nothing short of anticipation. I finally took out the twists and did it. Sadly the day I did it, I was running late for a meeting, and didn’t have time to unravel the knots. Looking in the mirror, it sort of looked like a planned style, so I decided to head out like that. Here are pictures:

Collage 2014-01-15 00_14_17

One or two, came undone in the process, and I wasn’t impressed. At all. One particular segment, didn’t even make the slightest curl. So, I waited patiently, hoping the longer I left it knotted, the better it would turn out. So, I took the bantu knots out still knotted for about three days. By the third day, it was getting rough, and it was time anyway. I took the knots out, still holding onto hope that my glorious curls would appear. No such luck, my dears. See for yourself:



What’s a girl gonna do? Make the best of things is what! So, I stuck it out for a couple of days. But after that I succumbed to the verified appeal of a dry twist out.

Rocking it with an ankara head wrap!
Rocking it with an ankara head wrap!
... Then with a hand band and a couple of bobby pins
… Then with a hand band a and couple of bobby pins
... The ensuing dry twist. I should do a separate post on this ;-)
… The ensuing dry twist. I should do a separate post on this 😉

Conclusion: From my experience, Bantu Knots are best done on straightened or blown out hair; or with hair less kinky/coil-y than mine (which I believe is a 4B/C). Maybe I did something wrong. Please inform me if you know better!

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