Do you love Me?

This poem is beautifully worded and put together, its expressions wonderfully crafted. Its message is so clear and so strong. I just had to re-blog it.


Nuella's Words

the heart behind this poem has weighed me down for some time, but nneka’s “do you love me now” unlocked the flow of words. listen to the song before or while reading it, if you’d like. 



blood is talking
it whispers as
The Lord sits watching
on His throne of grace
at the art of His hands-
flesh of His words,
beings of His heart
made for fellowship
yet breaking apart
becoming hate when
He formed them for love they
dig wounds, leave scars
on backs in wombs
on skin in minds they
receive darkness
with open arms
while some exist
playing jingles
on a heavy-hearted
fiddle and they dance
with two numb feet
on broken glass
God grieves, God grieves
and He asks,
do you love Me?
do you even love Me?


© Emmanuela Onyilofor 2014

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