Get to Know Me

Hallo, people!

So, I did a lil video about me. It occurred to me to give everyone who reads this blog and subscribes to my YouTube channel a bit more background on who I am. And the Get To Know Me video was born! Whoopeedoo!

One of the main reasons I did it was to help you (yes, you 😉 ) relate to me and this blog/channel better. I’ve discovered I tend to identify more with people when I know their back story. So, it seemed like a good idea to do one for me.

No, I’m not chronicling my life history here 😀 . The video details just 10 things specific to my personality. Please watch and lemme know what you think.

Please feel free to like and comment on the video, and subscribe to the channel!



4 thoughts on “Get to Know Me

  1. HHiii Tammy. This is totally different from the you I know back then in school . Keep it up. Wld like updates as well. Cheers


  2. I love these “about” pieces! I tend to look for them as well because they’re so full of character and it makes the blogger/vlogger more of a real person. I can relate to a lot of these. I collected stones as well for a while haha, I’m trying to work on my cake and sugar intake, and I SO get the connecting to your roots and heritage after spending longer time abroad. Interesting. I became more “me”, not nationally, but culturally. I suppose by immersing yourself in foreign places, you feel the need to identify and centre your core in order to feel some stability in all the fluctuations and change. Nice one, T! 🙂 xoxo

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    1. Thanks K! Haha, stone-collecting was fun. And cake is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses :-D. And you’re so right about trying to establish a core “you” Thanks for taking out the time to watch and comment! xoxo

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