There’s no way a’thank You’ post wasn’t happening

Ahhh, what a cover eh?

Sometimes I get forgetful, and I become proud in my achievements and supposed competence. In those times, I have to ‘remind’ myself to be grateful/ But there are other times, that I know that I know that I know that there is absolutely no way I did whatever it was by myself. The writing of my dissertation was one of such times. Continue reading “There’s no way a’thank You’ post wasn’t happening”

Cast Your Burdens… But…

Yes, He does want us to not be burdened, or worried, or pained. But that’s not all, it doesn’t stop there. It’s not like ‘Here Jesus, it’s all yours.’ You drop it in His lap, flex out the kinks in your muscles and walk away. Nope. He requires something of you. Continue reading Cast Your Burdens… But…

When Your Heart Can’t Take It Anymore


I am once again in a position where I am questioning the worth-value of romantic (for want of a better word, but just so I’m clear) relationships. This is only the second time (‘once again’ sounds really bad), but it’s definitely two times too many for me. Let’s face it, committing yourself to loving someone that way is pretty much handing over a gun/knife/flamethrower/bomb detonation button/ grenade launcher (enter your weapon of choice) and saying, ‘Here, I’ve decided to give you the power to kill or at least maim me for life. Use it as you wish.’ Continue reading “When Your Heart Can’t Take It Anymore”