The Jesus of Christmas

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

It’s Christmas eve, actually just some minutes to Christmas Day, and I can’t say I’ve invested a lot into Christmas celebration this year. I think it has been widely accepted that this particular celebration has been watered down in meaning in recent years. In fact, the very origin of the celebration has been questioned. Some say, it is actually a pagan celebration that was hijacked when Christianity was being enforced. This is not a history lesson, so I will not go into that.

What I’ve been thinking about these past minutes is what this day means to me, what Jesus Himself means to me. In light of the recent commercialisation and secularisation of the celebration, churches worldwide now hammer on Jesus as the “reason” for the season” (some of you are familiar with that), and they ask us to reflect on the “real meaning” of Christmas. If you call yourself a Christian and throughout this period and tomorrow you haven’t stopped to think on what this time means to you, I suggest you stop and think right now.

I understand that the meaning of Christmas has implication on every single day that a Christian lives and should not be limited to this period alone (some may try to hide behind that excuse), but the fact that the whole world stops (I mean, some Muslim countries actually decorate huge Christmas trees in their cities!) to celebrate this day should hold extra meaning to you (I think).

Anyway, after my musings, I had a strong urge to share what Christ means to me. Like the verse above, and to put it simply, Jesus is the light of my life. No contest. And when I say light, I don’t mean lightbulb in a room, or torchlight in a hand. I mean the Sun that makes life on Earth possible. His very being holds me together. He is the cross I bear, yet the love I share (not nearly enough). He’s the bane of my existence, yet the ideal I strive to achieve. Cliches aside, I don’t know how I would live without Him, because when someone gives reason to living, and that reason is gone, what’s left to live? If there was no Jesus, my world would fall apart. As you can read, He makes me wax lyrical, and makes this poet (albeit, not a great one) suddenly appear.

I could go on for ages. One thing is certain, the world is forever changed by the power of His birth.

Happy Celebration!

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