Lagos Carnival 2015



I attended the Lagos Carnival this year! But before I dish on that, I’d like to use this opportunity to introduce my new blog Black and Yellow Urbanism! Yes, yes, I’ve started another one. The blog is focused on urbanisms (one of my passions) in Lagos (so you see it’s a completely different topic 😉 ).

Now, on to the the carnival details. 

The Lagos Carnival held on the 9th of May this year! Whoop! I decided to go. but it was going to be a full day for me. The parade was supposed to kick off at 10 am; and I had choir practice for that exact time. Rehearsals wouldn’t end till 2 pm and then I had Celebrate Recovery for 4 pm. So, I only had a 2-hour window to work with. But I went for it anyway!

I woke up that morning, and wasn’t feeling well at all. I didn’t leave my house till about 11.30, was super late for practice. Left practice at about 2:30 pm, still not feeling my best. I went by Surulere to pick up my good friend, Chisom (check out her blog here). Then we headed to Lagos Island (we went via Costain/Eko Bridge). Many thanks to God, there was no traffic! And we got there before 4 pm (maybe 3.30? can’t quite remember).

My girl Chi and me in the bus
My girl Chi and me in the bus

We parked at Outer Marina, a few metres from the UBA building and took 2 buses to TBS (Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Island). The air was abuzz. There were people selling masks, and head dresses and the like. There were people calling out face painting service. There were people just generally being the way they can be in Lagos Island (if you know what I mean).

Face painting going down
Face painting going down

So we entered into the public seating area. It’s like 4 storeys up, gallery, tiered seating. Not a great view. And since we didn’t have much time to stay, we were there for just a few minutes. I really wanted to get closer to the action. So i went to the ‘VIP’ entrance and made my blogger case to one of the buff-est police men I’ve ever seen. Anyway, he let me in. I got some better pictures. But there was still a ‘VVIP’ section. So, I went to that entrance and made my blogger case, and another super-buff policeman let me  in! Whoop! I guess it’s because I look totally harmless. 😀 Well, I got even better pictures. Yay!

The not-so-great view
The not-so-great view
The VIP   entrance
The VIP entrance
Better view
Better view
Much better view. I could almost reach out and touch them
Much better view. I could almost reach out and touch them

Oh and check out the video blog I did above, if you haven’t already. And check out the more detailed post on the urbanism site. More pictures below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

































If you weren’t there, you were square 😀 😉


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  1. This is awesome Tamilore. Thanks for sharing this with me.

    I’ll take time to check out your new blog as well.

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