Oh Happy Day!

It’s a beautiful day! Not just because the sun is shining in its gorgeous glory; or because I’m wearing the cutest earrings and my ankara skirt 😉 ; or because it’s a Sunday; or because I’m in a good mood… It’s because today, I (along with majority of the world) am celebrating Easter. There is a little difference though. I’m not celebrating just the fact that it’s a four-day weekend, or that I get to hang out with friends and do fun things like egg hunts. For me, it’s more than cute rabbits and chocolate eggs (I don’t even get how those came into the picture). It’s all about Jesus

It’s about the death and resurrection of the one man I call my Lord. It’s a great day because I celebrate the best thing person that ever happened to me.

Jesus gives my life meaning. He gives me hope. He gives me a reason to get up each morning and keep on going. Bleak, weak, dark, dreary, pointless, and hopeless is what life would be without Him. I am grateful for His love that is like no other, and His sacrifice that no one can match. He’s making me wax lyrical again (like in my Christmas post) 😀 .

Today, I celebrate the victory of Jesus. He has already fought it out (and won). So, no need to stress!

Here are some great songs for today:

Have a wonderful Easter!


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