Life Music Montage

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If you have already seen my Music Haul post, you will know how much I love Jonathan McReynolds’ music. Life music, his debut album, (which I heard for the first time last month) is the best album I have heard in my life so far. The idea to do this video struck me one random day, and I filmed and sang it bits. I wanted to capture how the songs wove through parts of my life. Camera work was done with my Samsung S4 and a small WB30F camera (forgive the out-of-frame shots- I’ve only got two hands). Vocals were done by me (I initially planned to use his original vocals- but couldn’t figure out how to get the songs off Google Play). Editing was done with Windows Movie Maker; and recording was done with Audacity which you can download online for free. In the video, I sing parts of 8 of the 12 songs on the album. Enjoy!

What songs have touched you in a special way? Share in the comments, and make your own video if you wish! 😉

Get Life Music:


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