We can’t just watch any longer

I put this video up on Facebook about two weeks ago. But my concern for the situation in Nigeria is growing even more. And after reading a post on Africanism Cosmopolitan (click here to read), the reality of things hit me all over again and I thought to upload the video on YouTube and here.

Hopefully you have clicked on the link and seen that there is a daily prayer chain going on for the next couple of days (till the 28th) at 10pm (GMT+0). If you didn’t click, now you know. I encourage us to take out time to pray (anytime, anywhere) for the girls and for the nation.

I would also like to add that, in addition to our prayers, I believe we need to stop looking and start acting. Our future is in our hands, our nation is in our hands. We must look inward, and resolve to stand up and play our parts- whatever that may be (I confess that I am still trying to figure out what I can do as an individual). What I do know is that enough is enough, we need to get up.

God help us.


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