Spotlight: Afro-Tech Girls

Welcome to thSpotlight series which will be featured on this blog and its corresponding YouTube channel! The series will feature people and/or organisations that are doing their bit (no matter how big or small) to give back in some form or the other to society – people and the environment. Read more and watch the video

Which Way Nigeria?

The air has positively been abuzz
, and I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. I remember the almost-feverish frenzy on Friday. Hoping to take advantage of my first free Saturday in a while, I decided to bake. I headed to the shops to get some ingredients, and my goodness! If you saw the queues! It was as though everyone was stocking up for an apocalypse, as though we were going to war. Continue reading “Which Way Nigeria?”

Remembering the ‘Ogoni 9’

The Ogoni Nine (Saro-Wiwa in the middle) from:
The Ogoni Nine (Saro-Wiwa in the middle) from:

On this day in 1995, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbooko, Paul Levera, Felix Nuate, Baribor Bera, Barinem Kiobel, and John Kpuine were executed on false allegations (proven) of murder. These men known as the ‘Ogoni 9‘ were hanged under the military dictatorship of General Sani Abacha. Continue reading “Remembering the ‘Ogoni 9’”

Apparently, Jonathan is doing ‘it’


I came across what I consider to be a very offensive campaign ad towards the Nigerian 2015 elections. And I just had to make a video about it. The insult on the intelligence of Nigerians is just too much. Ah Ahn! I think it’s we time we refuse to go on the ride these people insist on taking us for. Watch the video

We can’t just watch any longer

I put this video up on Facebook about two weeks ago. But my concern for the situation in Nigeria is growing even more. And after reading a post on Africanism Cosmopolitan (click here to read), the reality of things hit me all over again and I thought to upload the video on YouTube and here. Hopefully you have clicked on the link and seen that there is … Continue reading We can’t just watch any longer

Are we going to sit by and watch?

I have just randomly come across this article by a professor in my school. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this relatively young white man had recently written about Boko Haram. Of course, I lapped up every single word of the article. And afterward? My heart bled. Here it is: My heart wept for the thousands of lives lost, stories that were not … Continue reading Are we going to sit by and watch?

Gay Marriage is the Least of Nigeria’s Problems

So, this may not go down well with everyone, it may upset some people, and may make me some enemies; but that’s fine because I believe gay marriage and laws relating to it are the very least of Nigeria’s problems right now. I’ll say now that I am a Christian and do not believe that same-sex marriage is right, but that is not the point … Continue reading Gay Marriage is the Least of Nigeria’s Problems