Very Stale Music Haul: Make Room (Jonathan McReynolds)

Alriiiiight! So, I’m here more than a year after the release of this phenomenal album to share my review. However, to be fair, I had posted a video review on YouTube aeons ago. I’m just now trying to sync/update my blog with my YouTube channel. Sigh. I have a ways to go to get all me ‘media outlets’ in order, but I’ll get there.

So, here’s the video where I share my thoughts. It’s pretty detailed, so I won’t say too much in writing. It is worth noting that this album pretty much got Mr McReynolds a clean sweep at the Stellars this year. It really just is that good. Such great quality music. I will say one thing: I really appreciate the intimate element that Jo Mc’s music always has – from his unplugged releases from Life Music to the warmness of his recordings from Life Music Stage Two, now to the living room vibes in this here album.

Happy watching!

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