How to Write Great Applications: Top 3 Dos & Don’ts

This time last year, I went on an application-writing spree. I had just left my job and was eager (bordering on desperate) for a new gig. I have always been pretty selective when sending out applications because one of my worst nightmares is getting caught in a job I disliked and/or was just doing for the money. This time was no different. While I was my usual picky self, something was different. It was the first time I felt I had come into ‘my own’ in terms of writing applications that both reflected my personality and experience and were also solidly written.

I love reading (‘professional’ reader & reviewer status) and writing and editing. And over the years, I have helped quite a few friends and family members with their applications and writing – scholarships, job, grants and the like. Although I have acceptances into business school and LinkedIn posts in my repertoire, I am not an English major or certified editor (if there is such a thing… There probably is…). However, there are a few tips that I think are tried and tested and definitely can’t make your writing worse. In this video, I share my top 3 go-to techniques for putting together applications that will catch the attention of the recruiter/scholarship board/grantmaker/whoever. Come on guys, let’s at least make it past that first screening stage! I know how painful it can be when your application isn’t even acknowledged.

Feel free to share some of your writing hacks with me. I’d love to hear about what has worked for others. Just drop a quick comment below.

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