Very Stale Music Haul: Make Room (Jonathan McReynolds)

Alriiiiight! So, I’m here more than a year after the release of this phenomenal album to share my review. However, to be fair, I had posted a video review on YouTube aeons ago. I’m just now trying to sync/update my blog with my YouTube channel. Sigh. I have a ways to go to get all me ‘media outlets’ in order, but I’ll get there. So, … Continue reading Very Stale Music Haul: Make Room (Jonathan McReynolds)

Music Haul!

I subscribe to a newsletter from New Release Tuesday (a wonderful Christian resource website). It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with Christian music. They also give free weekly downloads. Which is how I came across J Han – a very interesting rapper. Who led me to AMP Movement – a Christian music collective, Which, in turn, led me to the topic of today – Sam Ock. Listen to some awesome music