Going home = a threat ;-(

The video pretty much says it all, and some. But I’ll just do a quick overview. At a prayer meeting the week before the Scotland Referendum, an elderly British woman tells me that I should pray for the unity of the UK. Of course, I’m in total support of this; but her demeanour makes me giggle a little. In response, she says she hopes that … Continue reading Going home = a threat ;-(

Epilogue: The Riverside Walk


Okay, I realise that the prologue and story are missing from the blog. So, how did I come about this ‘epilogue’ bit? Well, as my masters programme rounds up, or should I say has rounded up  (handed in my dissertation last week), I’m calling this season the ‘epilogue’. So, I decided to check some things of my to-do-before-i-leave list. I’m currently in Canterbury, Kent (which I’ve decided is one of the best places in England period); and contrary to some opposing views on the city, it is one of the ‘funnest’ places to be in. Check out the beautiful scenery

We can’t just watch any longer

I put this video up on Facebook about two weeks ago. But my concern for the situation in Nigeria is growing even more. And after reading a post on Africanism Cosmopolitan (click here to read), the reality of things hit me all over again and I thought to upload the video on YouTube and here. Hopefully you have clicked on the link and seen that there is … Continue reading We can’t just watch any longer

Boy Vs Girl: Make-Up

*I wrote this in May 2012, but made the video just this week (after the train incident which I talk about in the video).   It came as a sort of shock. But not like a sharp-intake-of-breath, ground-breaking shock; more like a fuzzy-vision-cleared shock. A mild shock. I was thinking about how eyeliner defines the eyes. I cannot really recollect how my train of thoughts … Continue reading Boy Vs Girl: Make-Up

Are we going to sit by and watch?

I have just randomly come across this article by a professor in my school. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this relatively young white man had recently written about Boko Haram. Of course, I lapped up every single word of the article. And afterward? My heart bled. Here it is: http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/comment/articles/2014-02/04-/boko-haram-nigeria-islamic-terrorists My heart wept for the thousands of lives lost, stories that were not … Continue reading Are we going to sit by and watch?

Gay Marriage is the Least of Nigeria’s Problems

So, this may not go down well with everyone, it may upset some people, and may make me some enemies; but that’s fine because I believe gay marriage and laws relating to it are the very least of Nigeria’s problems right now. I’ll say now that I am a Christian and do not believe that same-sex marriage is right, but that is not the point … Continue reading Gay Marriage is the Least of Nigeria’s Problems

Dear Beyonce (and the rest of y’all), please give us a break

The video says it all. This is the Beyonce documentary I half-watched that spurred all of the above: This is the Chimamanda video that Beyonce refers to, I believe: This is the Amber Rose article I mentioned: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/15/amber-rose-pregnancy-photos_n_4449911.html (although she did take her time to get back in shape, which is good) Keep it real, people! And congratulations, it’s almost a new year! Xoxo Update: … Continue reading Dear Beyonce (and the rest of y’all), please give us a break