Are we going to sit by and watch?


I have just randomly come across this article by a professor in my school. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this relatively young white man had recently written about Boko Haram. Of course, I lapped up every single word of the article. And afterward? My heart bled. Here it is:

My heart wept for the thousands of lives lost, stories that were not even told. My heart wept that I was ignorant of most of these atrocities done in my own country, for the shame of doing/saying nothing about those I knew about. My heart wept for our indifference, for our lack of trying. My heart wept that our ‘leaders’ are busy forming new and old PDP’s instead of protecting the lives they are responsible for. My heart wept for how far we have fallen, for how hopeless the climb back up seems. Will we wait until our mothers, or brothers, or nieces are one of those mercilessly forced out of this world? Will we wait until it all comes crashing down on us?

If my bleeding heart/sob story/emotional appeal doesn’t work. Maybe this will shake you up:

I initially did not get it, and was instantly fired up (and even sent in a comment), marvelling at the incredulity of the piece, and questioning the possibility that anyone could be taking that point of view. After calming down, and reading several comments, I understood it was supposed to be ironical. I fear it may not really across to people.

Nigerians, we need to wake up.

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