Music Haul!

I subscribe to a newsletter from New Release Tuesday (a wonderful Christian resource website). It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with Christian music. They also give free weekly downloads. Which is how I came across J Han – a very interesting rapper. Who led me to AMP Movement – a Christian music collective, Which, in turn, led me to the topic of today – Sam Ock.

The first song I came across on YouTube was See You in Heaven (an AMP song which I absolutely adore). It’s a great song about the church, unity, and the hope we have in Christ. The song happened to be on his Channel, so I just clicked on the suggestions which led me to Mr Ock’s other songs (thank God for YouTube suggestions, don’t know where my music life would be without it 😀 )

Collage by me Source: Portrait- AMP Movement, Album art- Google Play
Collage by me Sources: Portrait- AMP Movement, Album art- Google Play

How is this a haul? After watching the first few videos on YouTube, I went on Google Play and bought two of his albums! Yuup! I initially went on iTunes but something wasn’t connecting right.  I got Rest Easy and Move. And they’re both brilliant. I immediately left raving reviews on there as well. Then I went on Twitter to continue the raving. 😀

Everything about his music appeals to me. What it is is that he happens to combine my favourite genres of music. I mean, imagine an album that has all the elements of everything you like about music. That’s what Mr Ock’s music is for me, it’s totally up my alley. It’s “sweet bliss” as he sings in Every Moment (Move). I think Jonathan McReynolds has some competition here. 😀 And  I can feel a montage coming up. 😉

I haven’t heard Christian quite like him. His sound is definitely unique. Plus, his songwriting is so on-point! It’s really refreshing to hear an artiste write to God like he does. For example, there are a couple lines in I’m Okay that goes, “Simple romantic love with the half better is sure swell but just an image of the real thing I’ll never let romance overtake my king” That’s such a beautifully worded sentiment which I totally get!

His music has got elements of jazz, soul, hip-hop, big-bandy sounds, pop and rap. I hear a bit of Stevie Wonder (Every Moment), Michael Buble (Small), His rap makes me smile, it’s sort of like talking. 🙂 My favourite tracks are… On second thought, if I make a list, I’ll have to put down 80% of his songs. They’re all genuinely great. I’m so excited about this new (to me anyway) music and Sam Ock’s artistry!

I’ll leave you with See You in Heaven, Goodbye and Rest Easy so you can hear for yourself:

Let me know what you think or share new artistes you’ve discovered 😉


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