Books and How to Get More of Them

For many years now, I’ve been trying hoping to put together a comprehensive record of my expenditure. I have a thing for data and ExceI and really would like to have an annual pie chart showing how I’ve spent my money. However, it’s sad to say this dream has never quite materialised because it’s generally been a battle for me to keep a money journal. … Continue reading Books and How to Get More of Them

When Your Heart Can’t Take It Anymore


I am once again in a position where I am questioning the worth-value of romantic (for want of a better word, but just so I’m clear) relationships. This is only the second time (‘once again’ sounds really bad), but it’s definitely two times too many for me. Let’s face it, committing yourself to loving someone that way is pretty much handing over a gun/knife/flamethrower/bomb detonation button/ grenade launcher (enter your weapon of choice) and saying, ‘Here, I’ve decided to give you the power to kill or at least maim me for life. Use it as you wish.’ Continue reading “When Your Heart Can’t Take It Anymore”