Spring must be here!

At least the trees say so!

Just look at that!
Just look at that!

This is nothing but a thanksgiving post.

After last winter, I moved to England expecting the worst for 2013 winter. The 2012 (English) winter was exquisite, I’ve never seen snow so stunning, simply divine. But it was cold!!! Cold and I really aren’t great friends; I’m more of a fun-in-the-sun person (even if that sun is scorching). The worst I was expecting didn’t happen. I waited, it still didn’t show up. Everyday, I would marvel: “Is this it?”. Honestly, I am grateful to the Creator of time and seasons, the One who sets everything in its place, the One who knows the end from the beginning. He really does make things beautiful in His time.


I was walking home on Friday, and suddenly all I could see were the beautiful pink flowers. I’m pretty sure they were not there the day before! As it turns out, God does do somethings overnight. Because over night, the trees were littering the streets with gorgeous pink and white flakes. All I can say is I’m amazed. It’s just breathtaking.

I’m not a ‘nature’, out-in-the-wild-is-where-I-belong person. I’d probably rather go watch a movie than take a hike through a forest. But God has got me here, Spring’s coming is just too… (I’ve used beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, even marvelous. What’s left?)

Words, anybody?
Words, anybody?

I am grateful to God for the beautiful things (those I notice and those I don’t). I am grateful to God for His supremacy (it’s good to know someone has it under control). I am grateful that He bothered to surround us with wonder. Lord, I am very grateful.

Giddy me!
Giddy me!



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