In the Spirit of Gratitude

Handmade just for you ;-)
Handmade just for you 😉

Following the previous post, I am in the gratitude zone. I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who is following, has subcribed to or reads this blog. I guess this sort of post is more ideal for blog anniversaries, or a landmark number of subscribers or views and that sort of thing. But it has just dawned on me that I have never said a ‘thank you’ (highly silly and ungrateful methinks).

It’s such a blessing every time I get a comment, or get a new follower, or get a like, or whatever form of interaction. It’s been a beutiful blogging experience for me, and it’s always great to have feedback.

To make it more personal, I’d like to thank my darling mama, Chisom Okoroafor of If you say so, Tosin Alabi of Africanism Cosmppolitan, Temi Famakin of Temitope, AB of The kink and I, Patricia Odukwe, a ‘Tee’, Savannah Hardcastle, Gede Prama, Temilade Oni, Bisi Bouphy – not in any specific order. (Literally had to go look up all my comments for that 😀 ) My thanks also go to everyone who has clicked on the ‘like’ button (can’t list all sha 🙂 ).

To everyone mentioned above, everyone who has read and not necessarily commented or liked, and to all my future readers/subscribers/likers, I’d just like to say it’s an honour to have you stop by. You can be sure I’m grateful for your presence.


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