OC Ukeje gets married and destroys a myth!

No, my blog hasn’t become a gossip site. 😀 This is a very uncharacteristic post, but I just had to do it! Someone put up a post about his wedding on Facebook and something caught my eye.

OC Ukeje is one of Nigeria’s hottest actors right now. And in my opinion, he’s also one of the coolest. Now, with this wedding he’s gone ahead to rack up major cool points! In fact. there are no more cool points available to anyone else anymore. Not because he got married (not saying that marriage isn’t cool) but because his best man is… Wait for it… Wait for it… A WOMAN! Yuup, you read right. How cool is that?!? She’s an actress called Kemi Lala Akindoju (will be on the lookout for her now). 😉


Oc and his best woman, Kemi
Oc and his best woman, Kemi

Now I understand he can’t be the first person doing this, but it’s definitely the first time I’ve personally ever heard of someone of the opposite sex being a maid-of-honour/best man. OC has just proved that guys and girls can be best friends (not just friends o, but best friends)!

See how she's just like one of the guys
See how she’s just like one of the guys

Lemme explain why this is such a big deal for me. Don’t judge me, but one of my dreams when I was little was to have a guy as my best friend – as per, best friend, no romantic ties, or innuendos, but really really tight. Seriously. This dream was probably a result of two things. First, hearing people say it wasn’t possible (I always want to do the impossible). Even in movies, although the couple starts out as friends, romantic feelings always come into everything (Cases in point: Made of Honour, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Love, Rosie). And second, the fact that I went to a girls-only secondary school, and so found boys extremely fascinating. Nevertheless, this dream remains unfulfilled. Wait… Come to think of it… I have Jesus, so maybe not! 😀

OC and his bride, Ibukun.
OC and his bride, Ibukun.

Anyway, imagine my pleasure that someone’s actually doing it live! And his wife didn’t object (at least, I don’t think she did). You hear women say, ‘If my husband has a best friend that’s a woman, once I come into the picture, I’m taking over’. So big-ups to Mrs Ukeje who definitely seems self-confident, and comfortable enough not to be bothered about it. Me that I’m talking, I’m not sure I would be able to deal o.  It would be a huge deal having another woman standing up as my husband’s best man. I also have to give big-ups to OC for the level of trust  he seems to have built up in his relationship. Because the way I see it,  I must really be sure of your devotion to me for me to sit back and watch you and your female best friend do your thing. No stories.

Alright, I may be over-analysing this thing sha, but it still blows me away! 😀

Anyhoo, congratulations to OC and Ibukun! May their years together be filled with joy!

DISCLAIMER: None of these pictures are mine. They are all from the Bella Naija website (here).


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