Back 2 School with Slum-2-School

Image off S2S website

I first heard about Otto Orondaam and Slum2School in 2011. We happened to serve in the same NYSC batch. S2S was his service year project. I was so inspired by his passion and work. If you don’t know what S2S is/does, please click on the link to find out.

Over the years, Slum2School has enrolled over 500 kids from slums while providing them with all the support they need. A new school year is starting up next month, so the S2S work continues. As you begin back-to-school preparations for the children in your lives  (new clothes, shoes, uniforms, stationery, and the works 😉 ), remember to sponsor a child and help S2S reach even more children. Let’s invest in the future of our society, and help these children to get an education.

In the new 2015/2016 school-calendar-year, Slum2school Africa has four major goals:

  1. To keep up the support and provide all the educational needs for Slum2school Africa beneficiaries  currently in school.
  2. Slum2school Africa earlier adopted three (3) government schools in Makoko Yaba and our goal is to improve the quality of education in these schools.
  3. Provision of scholarships, and construction of a school, for 500 children living in camps for internally displaced people within Abuja and other northern states.
  4. Our fourth goal for the year is the construction of the ARK School (An innovative solar-powered low-cost school in the shape of an ark) within Makoko community, a community that still has over 5000 out-of-school children.

Your help is needed to meet this goals. All donations help.

You can help by donating to Slum2School today at . There, you can find out the best way for you to transfer funds, volunteer, and/or support them in various ways.
This is not a sponsored post. I just think it’s a really great cause.

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