Life Music Montage

If you have already seen my Music Haul post, you will know how much I love Jonathan McReynolds’ music. Life music, his debut album, (which I heard for the first time last month) is the best album I have heard in my life so far. The idea to do this video struck me one random day, and I filmed and sang it bits. I wanted … Continue reading Life Music Montage

Spring must be here!

At least the trees say so! This is nothing but a thanksgiving post. After last winter, I moved to England expecting the worst for 2013 winter. The 2012 (English) winter was exquisite, I’ve never seen snow so stunning, simply divine. But it was cold!!! Cold and I really aren’t great friends; I’m more of a fun-in-the-sun person (even if that sun is scorching). The worst … Continue reading Spring must be here!

My One, True Love Doesn’t Have Facebook

I want to be loved; but that’s not all. I want the whole world to know that I am loved. I want Facebook statuses dedicated to me. I want Instagram posts of cute pictures of me with captions declaring undying love. I also want tweets, lots of them, with my Twitter handle and the word ‘love’ combined in the most succinct, poetic ways. I deserve … Continue reading My One, True Love Doesn’t Have Facebook

Do you love Me?

Originally posted on Nuella's Words:
the heart behind this poem has weighed me down for some time, but nneka’s “do you love me now” unlocked the flow of words. listen to the song before or while reading it, if you’d like.  ____________________________ *** blood is talking it whispers as The Lord sits watching on His throne of grace grieving at the art of… Continue reading Do you love Me?