Make Lemonade!

“You can be bitter, or you can better.”

The first time I came across Alex Boye’s (Boh-yay) work was when I watched his cover of the popular song from Frozen – Let It Go (watch here). It was pretty captivating, but I didn’t really notice him, I was mostly taken by the young female lead, and I forgot about him. That was until I came across The Piano Guys cover of Coldplay’s Paradise (watch Peponi) – which I absolutely love. Now, The Piano Guys… That’s a story for another day (just know I think they’re great!).

Anyway, back to Mr Boye. I started checking out his videos and subscribed to his YouTube channel. He’s got some really creative, interesting stuff. But what inspires this post is a song he recently did called Lemonade which I absolutely adore. I love everything about it – the lyrics, the rhythm, the video, the Ron Burgundy skit at the end! It’s awesome!

It’s been on repeat for a few days now. Another thing I like is his singing accent (he’s American with Nigerian roots, and deliberately tries to Africanise his pronunciations). He’s really inspiring me to think of ways to sing in my normal accent (you know how most people who sing do so in American accent even when they’re not American – what the Whitney Houstons and Michael Jacksons have caused 😀 ).

So, here’s Lemonade for you. Enjoy.


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