It’s Fathers’ Day!

We go way back, my dad and me:-D. Yeah, I know you just rolled your eyes. But we do! Right from the time, he stood over my cot protecting my hour-old self from mosquitoes. Yup, he did that. It’s been over 2 decades now and it’s been a series of interesting experiences.

Long story short. He calls it as he sees it. He’s genuine through and through.  He doesn’t let me cut myself slack. And encourages me to keep my head up.

So I’d like to salute possibly the strongest man I know. Cheers to a great father! 😀


And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without celebrating my Heavenly Father– a father like no other, the most awesome, the greatest the best! He who makes everything worth it is truly worthy of all glory. His care is mind-blowing! :-*

Hope y’all are celebrating your dads too 😉 If not, it’s not too late, a card isn’t too little.


Now, all I’m waiting for is brothers’ day. 😀 😉

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